Direct From Ireland - John Beag O'Flatharta     Friday Night w/Dinner at the ICC, Canton

Friday Night is limited to 200 People which is a Special Up Close Night to Include a Good Friday Fish Dinner.
Tickets for this Night - $100.00 and all procedds go to Kick off the "Annie Mullen" 'Irish Music Scholarship Fund"

John Beag O'Flatharta, "an tAncaire" is from Foirnis, Leitir Meallain on Connemara's island coast, perhaps an unlikely enviroment for a successful country and western performer - Irish style. He has taken the irish speaking world by storm with his catchy rhythms and memorable songs from a local tradition yet sung to airs more akin tp American mid-west style.

Creating a niche for himself and others singing country music in irish and ballads in English, John Beag has had immediate success. Immersed in local traditional singing,initially sean-nos ( unaccompanied ) he has brought a freshness to performing in his own special way, country and western - "tir agus thiar" - his genre as a mode of expression.

              Saturday Night - John Beag O' Flatharta              Special Tribute to "Annie Mullen"

This event will Honor Annie Mullen as
we launch a "Irish Music Scholarship" in her name.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Location - Irish Cultural Centre 200 new Boston Drive, Canton
Tickets - $100 - Includes Hot Good Friday Fish Dinner (Tables Of 10 may be Reserved) Limited to 200